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Steam Pressure Cleaning

Utilising our high-pressured steam cleaning machine, 4x more powerful than a domestic pressure washer, we can deep clean patios and paving areas of all grime and build-up of dirt to bring back the vision of new to your paved areas, pathways and car parks.

Our machine is a heat operated system that not only cleans but also sanitises areas removing any contamination or smells from communal areas. This mainly is associated with any bodily fluids or food related mess that can be found in bin stores are refuse dump areas. This method also breaks down any build-up of spilt oil and break dust. 


With a traditional paved area, the cement mortar can become loose and the cleaning operation can sometime remove this from the joints. As a part of our service we reinstate the joints utilising Kiln dried sand to add to the aesthetic value of the area.


In our experience this is the most efficient and effective method of external cleaning leaving the working areas notably cleaner and sanitised.

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