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High Level Cleaning

Our work personnel are certificate by IPAF to utilise Mobile platforms so that we can provide specialist high level cleaning.

Our window cleaning services are undertaken by hand. Diluted detergents are applied to assist the cleaning operation by breaking down atmospheric pollutants. Using cloths, sponges, or soft brushes the surfaces are agitated to dissolve and remove dirt and general pollutants. The area is then rinsed by adjustable hot water washing equipment.

Gutter cleaning is an essential task. Overflowing gutters, blocked rainwater pipes and surface water drainage all have the potential to cause inconvenient or huge water damage. We clean gutters in our opinion the best way, the old traditional way. We access guttering up close to remove any vegetation and/or unwanted guests in the gutters. Once efficiently cleared the cleaning can begin.

This can be done by pressure washing in the guttering pushing any residue away leaving fully functioning gutters.


We also use the pressure washer to clean any cladding, with light pressure to remove the build up of dirt and dust but also by hand cleaning and polishing to provide the cladding with the shine that your business deserves.


We would recommend getting this down in the Spring or Autumn, ideally twice yearly to prevent damage and leakage especially in the winter months.

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