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Car Park Maintenance

Most of the time, the car park is the first area that potential customers step foot on. Hiring Shield to look after your businesses outside areas results in peace of mind for you and a good impression to all visitors, it even creates a positivity amongst staff if their environment is looked after. Our services can range from a one-time cleaning job or you can choose to hire us for periodically arranged maintenance of your car parks.


In a similar fashion to our Steam Cleaning Process our heated system not only cleans but also sanitises the area as well as breaking down any build-up of spilt oil and break dust to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.


We shall also clear out any storm drains and gulley’s in order to ensure your carp park area is fully prepared for winter months and heavy rainfall.

Depending on the space and logistics of draining water we also have a ride on scrubbing vacuum that performs a deep clean action as well as collecting the discarded water waste. For the best results of this service we suggest having a routine cleaning plan to periodically maintain the high standard of cleaning to the premises.


Shield can also remove weeds, introduce colour using planters, maintain green spaces and prune trees/bushes. 

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